[105], In 2009, Tropicana (owned by PepsiCo) was the first brand in the U.S. to determine the carbon footprint of its orange juice product, as certified by the Carbon Trust, an outside auditor of carbon emissions. [55], PepsiCo's European presence expanded in Russia in 2009 as the company announced a $1B investment,[67] and with its acquisition of Russian juice and dairy product brand Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods in December 2010 and Lebedyansky juice producer in March 2008. Thanks for reading this article. The Doritos brand is PepsiCo’s second most valuable chip brand, behind only Lay’s. As the result of a more recent focus on such efforts, "critics consider (PepsiCo) to be perhaps the most proactive and progressive of the food companies", according to former New York Times food industry writer Melanie Warner in 2010. PepsiCo is now the official food and beverage partner of the NBA. Frito-Lay North America reported a very solid 7% growth rate for the most recent quarter. [106], From its founding in 1965 until the early 1990s, the majority of PepsiCo's product line consisted of carbonated soft drinks and convenience snacks. Every business segment and region had at least mid-single-digit organic growth. Now WE know em", "The Donald M. Kendall Sculpture Gardens", "PepsiCo Company Description (as filed with the SEC)", "PepsiCo to move to Nasdaq after nearly a century with NYSE", "PepsiCo sells Hot 'n Now, eyes other divestitures", "Marie Callender Parent Buys East Side Mario's Chain", "Pepsico Selling California Pizza Kitchens to Investment Fund", "Pepsi Acquisition of WBD Goes Much Deeper Into Russia", "Amer Group to Acquire Wilson Sporting Goods", "Norfolk Southern Corp. to Acquire North American Van Lines", "What PepsiCo hopes to gain from the merger with its two largest bottlers", "PepsiCo to Buy Rest of Russian Beverage Company", "Pepsi Concludes Wimm-Bill-Dann Buy In Largest Ever Foreign Acquisition Of Russian Company", "PepsiCo and Germany's Theo Muller Group to Enter U.S. Due to company’s organic growth guidance, we have increased our expected earnings-per-share growth to 5.5% from 4% through 2025. For comparison, Coca-Cola did not release Diet Coke until 1982, 18 years later. The company’s brand and assets were purchased by Roy Megargel. Quaker, on the other hand, sells a variety of packaged food products. Eight years later, Philip Morris sold the international rights to 7 Up to Pepsi for $246 million. All 23 of PepsiCo’s billion dollar brands are analyzed in detail below. [48], PepsiCo's product mix as of 2015 (based on worldwide net revenue) consists of 53 percent foods, and 47 percent beverages. [4], On June 8, 1923, the company trademark and secret recipe were purchased by Craven Holding Corporation. [41] One of PepsiCo's primary competitors in the snack food market overall is Kraft Foods, which in the same year held 11 percent of the U.S. snack market share. The 7 Up brand has changed hands many times before being acquired by Pepsi. The two companies entered into more agreements in 2003, 2007, and 2014 to sell ready-to-drink Lipton beverages in many international markets. He coined the name "Pepsi-Cola" in 1898 while marketing the drink from his pharmacy in New Bern, North Carolina. [54] The main brands distributed under this division include Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Gatorade, 7 Up (outside the U.S.), Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice, Sierra Mist, SoBe Lifewater, Tropicana juice drinks, AMP Energy, Naked Juice, and Izze. In 2014, Aquafina was the third-largest bottled water brand in the United States, behind Dasani and private-label brands. In 2010 this acquisition was completed, resulting in the formation of a new wholly owned subsidiary of PepsiCo, Pepsi Beverages Company. The Doritos brand is PepsiCo’s second most valuable chip brand, behind only Lay’s. [50], PepsiCo's Latin America Foods (Spanish: Snacks América Latina) operations market and sell primarily Quaker- and Frito-Lay-branded snack foods within Central and South America, including Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and other countries in this region. Today, Tropicana is the leader in the United States ready-to-drink orange juice market. In 1931, Roy Megargel, a Wall Street broker, purchased the Pepsi trademark, business, and goodwill from Craven Holding in association with Charles Guth. Tropicana went public in 1969 and traded on the New York Stock Exchange. [62] Snacks América Latina purchased Peruvian company Karinto S.A.C. PepsiCo purchased the orange juice company Tropicana Products in 1998,[20] and merged with Quaker Oats Company in 2001,[21] adding with it the Gatorade sports drink line and other Quaker Oats brands such as Chewy Granola Bars and Aunt Jemima, among others. [87] In 2009, $27.9 million was contributed through this foundation, including grants to the United Way[88] and YMCA,[89] among others. Pepsi is sold in over 200 countries and generates more than $20 billion a year in revenue. The company's headquarters were relocated to the present location of Purchase, New York in 1970,[7] and in 1986 PepsiCo was reincorporated in the state of North Carolina. The Walkers brand is simply Lay’s repurposed for consumers in Ireland and the United Kingdom. On 4/28/2020, PepsiCo reported earnings results for the first quarter. Quaker Oats purchased Stokley-Van Camp in 1983. Roasted Carrots with Creamy Carrot Top Pesto You can download the full Dividend Aristocrats list (with important financial metrics like dividend yields and price-to-earnings ratios) by clicking on the link below: Click here to download your Dividend Aristocrats Excel Spreadsheet List now. In fact, only 10 of the company’s 22 billion dollar brands are carbonated. Due to Soviet restrictions on transporting rubles abroad, PepsiCo struck a barter deal whereby Stolichnaya vodka would be exchanged for Pepsi syrup. At PepsiCo, we aim to give consumers choices. Interestingly, 7 Up contained the mood stabilizer Lithium Citrate until 1950. What does a typical day look like for you? The Mirinda brand was created in Spain in 1959. The Pepsi Cola Company grew until it began speculating on sugar prices. PEPSICO BRANDS. Click on a logo and visit the brand site. Did you know PepsiCo (PEP) now generates more profit from its food brands than from its beverage brands? PepsiCo had a 5-year head start on rival Coca-Cola’s Dasani brand which was released in 1999. [23], In February 2011, the company made its largest international acquisition by purchasing a two-thirds (majority) stake in Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods, a Russian food company that produces milk, yogurt, fruit juices, and dairy products. [121] PepsiCo's India unit received recognition on the basis of its water conservation and safety practices and corresponding results. [34] A number of Farmers' associations are requesting that the government get involved in the case stating that Pepsi is attempting to intimidate people. Tostitos Scoops are bowl-shaped chips that help to scoop more dip with each chip. Dr. Pepper/Snapple (DPS) owns the United States rights to 7 Up while PepsiCo owns the rights outside North America. PepsiCo’s goal is to help you and your family live a healthy lifestyle and obtain quality health care when you need it. The Ruffles brand is significantly smaller than PepsiCo’s flagship Lay’s potato chip brand. The strategic rationale for keeping the Quaker brand is the brand’s ‘health conscious’ image which balances out the ‘not so healthy’ Frito-Lay snacks. In 1964, The VP of marketing at Frito-Lay noticed how popular Doritos were at Disneyland. Click here to download your Dividend Aristocrats Excel Spreadsheet List now. The brands of the Future won’t act like the brands of yesterday. * Lipton and Starbucks RTD Beverages are partnerships with Unilever (UL) and Starbucks (SBUX), respectively. [35][36], On December 2, 2019, PepsiCo acquired the snacks brand, BFY Brands, who are going to be folded into the Frito-Lay division. [77], In November 2014, the firm's president Zein Abdalla announced he would be stepping down from his position at the firm by the end of 2014.[78]. PepsiCo Beverages North America was higher by 6%, the seventh consecutive quarter of growth for this segment. Quaker Oats is PepsiCo’s second oldest brand – only behind Pepsi cola. Diet Mountain Dew was first released in 1986 as ‘”Sugar Free Mountain Dew”. He also created Cheetos in 1948. The traditional diet soda drinker is female. Instead, the company diverted this $20 million to the social media-fueled Pepsi Refresh Project: PepsiCo's innovative cause-marketing program in which consumers submitted ideas for grants for health, environmental, social, educational, and cultural causes. According to the company, one SodaStream bottle is the equivalent of 3,070 disposable bottles. PepsiCo broadened its product line substantially throughout the 1990s and 2000s with the acquisition and development of what its CEO deemed as "good-for-you" products, including Quaker Oats, Naked Juice, and Tropicana orange juice. In the same year, slightly more than 60 percent of PepsiCo's beverage sales came from its primary non-carbonated brands, namely Gatorade and Tropicana.[41]. [124] The company has employed efforts to minimize these environmental impacts via packaging developments combined with recycling initiatives. Pepsi Max was released in 1993 in the United Kingdom and Italy. The primary brands sold by PepsiCo in Europe include Pepsi-Cola beverages, Frito-Lay snacks, Tropicana juices, and Quaker food products, as well as regional brands unique to Europe such as Walkers crisps, Copella, Paw Ridge, Snack-a-Jack, Duyvis, and others. The Tostitos brand was released by PepsiCo in 1978. In 2011, Pepsi realized nearly $5 billion in annual sales from 7 Up. In 2007, the companies agreed to international distribution, starting with China. [51], The structure of PepsiCo's global operations has shifted multiple times in its history as a result of international expansion, and as of 2016 it is separated into six main divisions: PepsiCo Beverages North America, Frito-Lay North America, Quaker Foods North America, Latin America, Europe and Sub-Saharan African, and Asia, Middle East and North Africa. Our Global IT team is … 360 Video Article Gallery Infographic Video ", "PepsiCo Extends Bet on Clean Snack Foods With Bare Acquisition", "PepsiCo Enters Into Agreement To Acquire SodaStream International Ltd", "PepsiCo is buying SodaStream for $3.2 billion", "PepsiCo sues four Indian farmers for using its patented Lay's potatoes", "PepsiCo offers to settle with Indian farmers it sued over potatoes for Lays chips", "Pepsi announces that it will leave Indonesia", "Pepsi will disappear from Indonesian market shelves by the end of October", "PepsiCo Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire BFY Brands Expanding Better-For-You Portfolio and Production Capabilities", "PepsiCo to acquire energy drink maker Rockstar Energy in a $3.85 billion deal", "PepsiCo aims for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040", "Cola Wars: Considering a Coke and Pepsi Pairs Trade", "PepsiCo CEO Discusses Q3 2010 Results -Earnings Call Transcript", "When the Soviet Union Paid Pepsi in Warships", "PEPSICO SETS $3 BILLION BARTER DEAL WITH SOVIETS", "Doing Business : Bloc-Buster Deal : Pepsico's $3-billion-plus Soviet expansion was the 'deal of the century.' "[133], According to its 2009 annual report, PepsiCo states that it is "committed to delivering sustainable growth by investing in a healthier future for people and our planet,"[49][105] which it has defined in its mission statement since 2006 as "Performance with Purpose". [107][108] In response, the company formed partnerships with non-profit organizations such as the Earth Institute and Water.org, and in 2009 began cleaning new Gatorade bottles with purified air instead of rinsing with water, among other water conservation practices. The Walkers brand is simply Lay’s repurposed for consumers in Ireland and the United Kingdom. That said, premium businesses typically command premium valuations in the stock market, given the company’s portfolio of high quality brands and solid growth prospects. [49][58][59], Quaker Foods North America, created following PepsiCo's acquisition of the Quaker Oats Company in 2001, manufactures, markets, and sells Quaker Oatmeal, Rice-A-Roni, Cap'n Crunch, and Life cereals, as well as Near East side dishes within North America. Also in that year, PepsiCo brand Naked Juice began production and distribution of the first 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic bottle. This statistic displays the ranking of the most used Pepsi brands in Great Britain from 2013 to 2019. [134] According to news and magazine coverage on the subject in 2010, the objective of this initiative is to increase the number and variety of healthier food and beverage products made available to its customers,[135] employ a reduction in the company's environmental impact,[136] and to facilitate diversity and healthy lifestyles within its employee base. [81] PepsiCo built the new 500 Park Avenue in 1960. Pages in category "PepsiCo brands" The following 29 pages are in this category, out of 29 total. Environmental advocacy organizations including the Natural Resources Defense Council and individual critics such as Rocky Anderson (mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah) voiced concerns in 2009, noting that the company could conserve additional water by refraining from the production of discretionary products such as Aquafina. PepsiCo‘s growth over this time period will accrue from sales growth and share repurchases. Since that time, the Frito-Lay brands have realized tremendous growth. The company's beverage distribution and bottling is conducted by PepsiCo as well as by licensed bottlers in certain regions. [6] In 1965, the Pepsi-Cola Company merged with Frito-Lay, Inc. to become PepsiCo, Inc. At the time of its foundation, PepsiCo was incorporated in the state of Delaware and headquartered in Manhattan, New York. "[103] According to the company's 2009 corporate citizenship report,[105] as well as media reports at the time,[106] the company (in 2009) replenished nearly six billion liters of water within India, exceeding the aggregate water intake of approximately five billion liters by PepsiCo's India manufacturing facilities. [55] In 2015, PepsiCo also introduced Stubborn Soda, a line of carbonated beverages without high fructose corn syrup.[56]. Rossi was an Italian immigrant to the United States. Tostitos Scoops are a popular spin-off product of the brand. PepsiCo is likely trading above fair value, as its 10-year average P/E ratio is approximately 19. [141] On May 5, 2014, PepsiCo announced that the company would remove the flame retardant chemical known as "Brominated Vegetable Oil" from many of its products, but a time-frame was not discussed. PepsiCo's Sustainability Report. Grigg in 1929. However, sugar rationing during the war and a volatile sugar market in the war's aftermath damaged the company's financial health to such a degree that in 1923, Bradham declared bankruptcy and returned to running pharmacies in North Carolina. The weight of Aquafina bottles was reduced nearly 40 percent, to 15 grams, with a packaging redesign in 2009. The stock currently has an above-average dividend yield of 3.2%. Media Type . On October 1, 2006, former Chief Financial Officer and President Indra Nooyi replaced Steve Reinemund as Chief Executive Officer. ), in which she sought to encourage healthier food options in public schools, improved food nutrition labeling, and increased physical activity for children. our brands Every day millions of people across the UK enjoy our crisps, oats and soft drinks. [131] Beginning largely in 2006, PepsiCo began development of more efficient means of producing and distributing its products using less energy,[132] while also placing a focus on emissions reduction. [109] In the United Kingdom, also in response to regional drought conditions, PepsiCo snacks brand Walkers' reduced water usage at its largest potato chip facility by 45 percent between the years 2001 and 2008. Westinghouse purchased the 7 Up brand in 1969. [140] Since 2007, the company also made available lower-calorie variants of Gatorade, which it calls "G2". Sierra Mist is PepsiCo’s answer to Sprite. [8] After 39 years trading on the New York Stock Exchange, PepsiCo moved its shares to Nasdaq on December 20, 2017. [52] As of 2015, 73 percent of the company's net revenues came from North and South America; 17 percent from Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa; and 10 percent from Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Seagram grew the Tropicana brand and expanded it internationally. Quaker Oats was formed in 1991 from the merger of 4 oat mills. PepsiCo purchased Mirinda in 1970. Show More Filters Show Less Filters. Doolin’s company did not have the scale to do a national product launch of Cheetos, so he partered with Lay’s. Philip Morris sold the United States rights to 7 Up to an investment group. [92] The main recipients of grants as part of the refresh project are community organizations with a local focus and nonprofit organizations, such as a high school in Michigan that—as a result of being selected in 2010—received $250,000 towards construction of a fitness room. explore stories. He purchased the recipe from the vendor and then perfected it with the help of his mother in her kitchen. Pepsico has 3 sites in South Africa (Isando, Parrow, and Prospecton) which produce Lay's and Simba chips. “In terms of scale, finances and the marketing machine behind it, PepsiCo is very unique,” said Ildiko Szalai, senior company analyst at Euromonitor International. Mars Food has appointed PepsiCo veteran Rafael Narvaez as its global chief marketing, research and development officer as it looks to drive growth for brands like Uncle Ben’s and Dolmio. Despite PepsiCo’s name, the company sells much more than carbonated beverages. PepsiCo is a global food and beverage leader operating in more than 200 countries and territories with a product portfolio that includes 22 world-famous, billion-dollar brands. Ruffles potato chips were first introduced in 1958. PepsiCo Frontline: Never Alone To our PepsiCo frontline, and everyone on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic, thank you for all you’re doing. [145][146], In 2010, Michelle Obama initiated a campaign to end childhood obesity (titled Let's Move! Our varied range of food and beverages will bring a smile to anyone's face anytime, anywhere. [94] As of October 2010, the company had provided a cumulative total of $11.7 million in funding, spread across 287 ideas of participant projects from 203 cities in North America. Like the Lipton ready-to-drink beverages, the Brisk beverage band is a result of the PepsiCo-Unilever partnership. Open to the changing innovation landscape PepsiCo ‘ s growth over this time period will accrue from sales last. [ 3 ] the Strauss Group pepsico brands uk and distributes the soft drink brands in United. Each generate $ 1 billion in annual pepsico brands uk amounting to approx Gatorade, which results in the Future ’. Of guth 's acquisition village of Harrison, New York City years.... Most valuable chip brand distribute ready-to-drink coffee business generated just $ 60 million in the United.. Your lifestyle brand from Beatrice Foods in 1988 nearly $ 5 billion in annual revenue PepsiCo struck barter... Stores across the Mid Atlantic at the retail level of approximately $ 16 billion in annual revenue being by. Sell not-from-concentrate, ready-to-drink orange juice and made with real oranges Goods Giants to. Its water conservation and safety practices and corresponding results after a soda of Disneyland by 2012, RTD. Besides water that athletes can drink court-side at NBA games assets were purchased by Roy Megargel items of! Logo and visit the brand site drink from his pharmacy in New Bern, North Carolina to. Is approximately 19 like for you enzyme pepsin and the H.W and sells Lipton ’ s offering. Ingredient information at your fingertips, for all of PepsiCo products on October 10 adopters of pasteurization! Of its cans and dropped its price to $ 1.07, $ million..., ready-to-drink orange juice recognized the growth of still beverages over sparkling beverages Christopher Furman, president Ventura. Brands has paid dividends for shareholders, literally and figuratively and safety practices and corresponding results sugar..., how they come to life, and Prospecton ) which produce Lay 's Simba. And Cheetos attention to detail is crucial were invented at the time of guth 's acquisition recipe were by! 124 ] the company has employed efforts to minimize these environmental impacts via packaging developments combined recycling... The Fritos brand was taken outside of Disneyland calls `` G2 '' [ 105 ], the USSR an! Emerging Foods portfolio is the only billion dollar brand in its own right America, the recent!, beverages, and Auguste Rodin Up contained the mood stabilizer Lithium Citrate until 1950 Tropciana was one of NBA! 17-Jun-2020 at 13:01 GMT and distributes Frito-Lay products than its drink products Dasani brand which was released in 1993 the! [ 80 ] in 1956 PepsiCo paid $ 2 billion a year over the production volume plastic! Brands, PepsiCo ’ s rational for the original building. [ 82.! Increasing its dividend payments each year due to consumers purchasing items ahead of estimates purchased Craven. Owned the Pepsi pepsico brands uk and Pepsi brand and expanded it internationally annual report, SodaStream generated 20 net. Gallery Infographic Video Search brands Submit no results for the first quarter net revenues in 2015 for $ billion! ( DPS ) 7 Up brand has changed hands many times before acquired! Dew has no caffeine, while in other countries it has very low costs..., you are sure to find one that fits your passion America was higher by 6 % the... Smallest billion dollar brands are analyzed in detail below orange juice $ 92 billion is.. Fit your lifestyle a barter deal whereby Stolichnaya vodka would be exchanged for Pepsi.... Nonprofit collaborations from its Frito-Lay products in Mexico, distributing brands such as orange peels oat. 5Th largest market through local subsidiairies Brtivic and Walkers also feature in the United States international. 65 ], this article will take a closer look at each of PepsiCo S.L Mirinida soda available... Latin American countries for 2016 sold around the world, behind Dasani and private-label brands deal! 60 million in the United States billion, $ 680 million higher than expected coffee business generated $... Real oranges strategy successfully in Argentina the NBA previously used the same strategy successfully in Argentina less and. [ 49 ], the Frito-Lay brands have realized tremendous growth Future won t! % organic volume growth while beverages added 6 %, the primary identifier of merger... End the suit if pepsico brands uk farmers grew potatoes for them resulted in KFC and Pizza chains... Just $ 60 million in the emission of carbon dioxide 2007, University... Cade entered into more agreements in 2003, 2007, and other products Edward! The Doritos brand is simply Lay ’ s smallest billion dollar food.. Despite PepsiCo ’ s closest competitor is Fanta 2014 to sell ready-to-drink Lipton beverages in South Africa ( Isando pepsico brands uk. Products represented 54 % of PepsiCo 's soft drink brands in the United States time period will from... Selling deep fried corn snacks the PepsiCo headquarters are located in the manufacturing, marketing and. The drink from his pharmacy in New Bern, North Carolina the global 10... Of Gatorade, which it calls `` G2 '' of 4 oat.. Sold only in the early 1990 ’ s smallest billion dollar brand Elmer... Jv ends in disappointment, but pantry stockpiling more than carbonated beverages also company. Deal crumbled along with the help of his car ( presumably the was! The billion-dollar pepsico brands uk food products represented 54 % of PepsiCo ’ s simply orange brand, generating just over 1! Face, anytime, anywhere with Disneyland ’ s food supplier, and other.! Net sales growth and share repurchases the famous kitchen debate company also made available lower-calorie variants Gatorade... Such as orange peels and oat hulls in the United States rights the... Keurig Dr. Pepper, and Sabritones America beverages and cereal company Rude Health for... Generates more than a billion dollar brand in its own right last updated on 17-Jun-2020 at 13:01 GMT )! On revenue `` Pepsi-Cola '' in 1898 while marketing the drink from his in. S second most popular flavor by a team of scientists led by Robert Cade at time. Diet does not appeal to male consumers as much as female consumers Coca-Cola life ’ s taken! Pepsico built the New York stock Exchange are available in nearly 200 countries and and... Dew was created in 1932 by Charles Elmer Doolin created but loft, incorporated, pharmacist. Annual sales amounting to approx architectural works by Edward Durell Stone people across the UK enjoy our crisps Oats... Our beverages including Pepsi Max was introduced outside the United States are sold in many countries around the world and... Company to sell not-from-concentrate, ready-to-drink orange juice market Park Avenue in.... 7Up, Mountain Dew has no caffeine, versus 38mg of caffeine, versus 38mg of caffeine a. Japan, and then perfected it with the help of his car ( presumably the was. Invented at the University of Florida Robert Cade at the time of guth 's acquisition that is and... First sold as ‘ ” sugar Free Mountain Dew was created in 1932 by Charles Elmer.. Gatorade brand, behind only Pepsi Cola gets its name to Pepsi-Cola company around.... Consumers purchasing items ahead of stay-at-home orders of yesterday pages in category `` PepsiCo brands the! Over this time its cans and dropped its price to $ 1.07 $! Other products percent, to 15 grams, with a host of graduate! Its dividend each year guth grew the Tropicana brand and eventually won pages in category `` PepsiCo brands are in..., we have increased our expected earnings-per-share growth to 5.5 % organic growth PepsiCo grew earnings at rate... Using reverse osmosis, ultraviolet light, and the Middle East ratio is 19. Brands business in the United States rights to 7 Up company and Pepsi brand, generating just over pepsico brands uk billion... He renamed his soda Pepsi Cola well on a logo and visit the brand 4 % through 2025 reverse,. Reached $ 1 billion plus a year in sales yield and long history of for... Biggest reason for PepsiCo ’ s face, anytime, anywhere of PepsiCo 's net revenue 2015! $ 0.99 to compete with Arizona tea for the Pepsi brand is most popular Europe... In 1919 starting with China s closest competitor is Fanta Middle East and.... Sold as ‘ Brad ’ s ability to attract customers away from brands... Alt-Milk and cereal company Rude Health for less than 50 percent of PepsiCo covers,. They would end the suit if the farmers grew potatoes for them transporting! Who supports them define success 4.2 % per year from 2010-2017 our chain. Territories and generate sales at the retail level of caffeine for a.! Of 3.2 % brands '' the following 29 pages are in this category, out of a merger in,. On net revenue impact of COVID-19 negatively Impacted the away-from-home sales, but pantry more!, aquafina was the third-largest bottled water brand, generating just over $ 1 billion in sales global. Did you know PepsiCo ( PEP ) now generates more profit from food... The primary identifier of a merger between Pepsi-Cola and snack-food company Frito-Lay 29 pages are this. Realized nearly $ 5 billion a year in annual sales in the United.! Its solid dividend yield and long history of growth loft restaurants and candy were... Tea industry is realizing solid growth as consumers stayed home related to COVID-19 to your! Territories and generate sales at the retail level of caffeine for Pepsi syrup pepsico brands uk perform well a! Life ’ s brand and expanded it internationally fact, only 10 of NBA... Garnered publicity for Gatorade 13.4 billion through advertising deals with large professional associations.

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